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Would you like to learn the ABC’s of raising a special needs child?

Congrats and welcome to one of the few sites that will guide you on your special journey, from the baby day’s right through until the adult years of your child's life.

Here you will be encouraged to get all the facts, and be supplied with the tools to become the best advocate for your child in your community.

I realised very quickly, at the start of my unexpected journey, that most resources available to parents with special needs children can be very cold, clinical and factual.

Doing any research online always left me feeling very discouraged, and that is why I have created this online guide, with the hope that it will be an uplifting resource that focuses on living, loving and parenting our “little miracles” while still enjoying life!

My aim is to make everyone feel welcome here, because all children are special, and we can all benefit from sharing and learning from each other.

Our Mission is to increase awareness and understanding of what life is like for Special Needs families, and to help people cope with the day to day challenges of raising a child.

Special Needs Articles

You Can't Spoil a Child through Love></a>
<a href=You Can't Spoil a Child through Love.

You Can't Spoil a Child through Love.We all worry about spoiling our child, especially if they special needs, but rest assured that you can never spoil your child with too ...

Protect your Childrens Emotional Wellbeing></a>
<a href=Protect your Childrens Emotional Wellbeing

In our effort to balance very full and hectic lives with our families and jobs, we may have neglected a very important part of our child's life: their emotional well-being...

Our Ever-Changing Role as Parents></a>
<a href=Our Ever-Changing Role as Parents

In our Ever-Changing Role as Parents,we watch our children grow right before our very eyes. It seems like yesterday they were a baby learning to crawl, walk, and feed themselves, and now they're in school, involved...

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"What are special needs?"
What are special needs

"Special needs" are simply defined by what a child cannot do...

Delayed milestones, activities that cannot be done, Food that cannot be eaten and everyday tasks that we may take for granted, that cannot be achieved without help.

"Special needs" is a term with many definitions, ranging from mild learning disabilities to severe mental retardation, terminal illnesses, food allergies or developmental delays.

When a child needs help, outside of the ordinary, they have different needs that have to be met and different goals to achieve. We, as parents of special needs children, will always mourn our child’s lost potential and will worry about the future of our children, especially as many conditions become more troubling with time.

But I also know, from experience, that through our child's challenges, their triumphs are so much sweeter, and that there weaknesses are always paralleled with amazing strengths.

It may feel like a curse sometimes, but having a child special needs brings with it abundant opportunities for joy!

***Special Needs Updates***

Family Focus
Family Focus
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Snap shot Sticky

Table of Content

Early Childhood Development
During early childhood development,children develop and acquire skills at a different pace, within a certain window of time. If you notice that your child is not doing things that other children are, at the same age..

Getting a Diagnosis
Getting a diagnosis doesn't change your child; it merely explains your child’s needs. You can now get the correct....

Special needs therapy
Here you will find information and activities regarding special needs therapy recommended for different children with disabilities; including occupational therapy, speech therapy activities and physic

Potty training
As if potty training isn't a daunting enough task, training a special needs child comes with it's own challenges and whole new set of rules ...

What is special education and Remedial teaching
Here you will learn what remedial and special education is and understand the educational requirements of special needs children in a way...

Homeschooling your child with special needs, let's you accommodate the challenges of your child’s disability better and allows your child to enjoy

Routines for special needs children are important. Established routines allows a child to know what is expected of them, and helps them to manage their

Behaviour problems.
Is it that child won't or can’t? Many complex disabilities are surfacing with behaviour problems, built into their diagnosis, and often children with

Self-esteem activities.
Self-esteem activities - Developing a healthy self-esteem is a special needs child's armour against the challenges of the world. Children who have a good self image seem to have an easier time handlin

Special Needs Discipline.
Special needs discipline can leave many parents feeling very frustrated, and the emotions that surround disciplining our special needs

Inspiration for Mom's
No one can see if I'm on the phone, or cooking, or sweeping the floor, or even standing on my head in the corner,

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