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The journey of parenting is most certainly one of full of highs and lows, especially if you have a child with special needs, as I am sure you are aware.

One of the biggest lesson’s I have learnt so far is that the time I spend with my boys is far more IMPORTANT than anything else I can ever give them.
That is why this site is all about valuing and enjoying your kids.

Having children with special needs have completely changed my life, and has hopefully made me a better, and definitely more patient person, but it is most certainly not without it’s challenges.

A career or children?

I can’t believe that not so long ago I was a full time rep, dealing with clients all day and spending most evening’s trying to catch up on admin, and the copious amount of rapports that where needed.

After a full day at work, no one realised that when I came home, my day was far from over; it was actually just starting again. With two boys’ in wheelchairs who needed to be bathed, dressed, fed, medicated and eventually put to bed, I was exhausted.

Less than a year later, my priorities have certainly changed. My children now come first and rather than having a ‘career’ I am more interested in maximising my earning potential while spending more time enjoying my children, rather than just taking care of them.

Over the last couple of month’s I have realised that a traditional ‘job’ is not the way to achieve this. Working a job where I was at the whim of my boss, as to how much I could earn, the hour’s I had to work and just generally being dictated to by someone else was just not for, I had felt like I had no control over my own life!

A change of direction….

For a long time I have wanted to share the resources I have discovered ,the tips I have learnt and also just wanted to offer encouragement to other mom’s who have children with special needs.

So little over a year ago, my new baby was born, this website. I have nurtured it and watched it grow, and I cannot help getting excited every time it reaches a new milestone!

T and Me I now love going to work, in my pajama’s.My hours are flexible and I don’t have to worry about traffic or a boss anymore. It is my descion, that while I have my children to look after, my business comes second. In a few years time that might change, but for now my boy’s come first, and it’s all thanks to SBI!

I get to fetch my children from school (and work), I get to be at all the school functions, and enjoy all the privileges of being a stay-at-home-mom, but in the background I am building a successful business.

My new ‘Boss’…


I must say that I am tougher on myself than any boss can ever be, but I am also a lot more understanding.

I will probably always get up at night to roll the boy’s, or help them to the bathroom, so sleep is a luxury for me. I do give myself a day off, go to the gym and occasionally even allow myself some very liquid lunches…all because I can!

The last year has been a rollercoaster of an emotional ride for me. Getting back with my ex-husband has not worked out, although we still live in the same house I had to find my feet as, basically a single parent, and deal with all the emotional disappointments and loss that comes with these changes.

I was lucky to leave a job that I really hated, and although I have only worked on my site sporadically, my traffic and income still grew.

I am finally finding my feet, and as my confidence grows, I am busy making my site better with new contents and many, many new ideas! I cannot be more thankful that I discovered SITE BUILD IT!

My life just get’s busier and busier, but I am so lucky that I am not still stuck in that horrible (and boring) job, I get to be home to enjoy my children, and give them the best care, as only a mom can!

If you would like to find out more about how I make money from my website, and find out easy ways about how you can learn too, then take the WHAM IT! Master course today.

Work-at-home-mom's This free eBook consists of three parts in one:

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So download this free course today!

Make it the first step you take to becoming an independent, stay-at-home-mom and giving your child the best a thing money can’t buy…YOU!

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