Time-out Spots Find a couple of suitable time-out spots that works well for you and your child, both at home and when you are out.

Time-outs can be short or long, designed as a punishment or just a distracting break from the bad behaviour, but one thing a time-out spot has to be, is NO FUN!

Sending your child their room, in today’s day and age, is no longer a solution as there rooms are packed with toys and electronic gadgets, not the best option.

Try one of these not-so-hot-spots next time your child needs a moment alone:

  • The time-out chair
  • Put a chair in a very boring corner of the room and make this your child’s time-out area. If you cannot find a chair that says 'time-out chair', you can either paint this on any chair or stick the name on with stickers.

  • The corner
  • Stand your child in a corner, facing in, is a good alternative to sitting in a corner. There is no other place this boring.

  • On the floor
  • This is a good place for a smaller child, they can drop where they are and have an immediate time-out. Or if you want to make things a little more structured, you can have a specific pillow or rug as a spot.

  • Sibling arguments
  • If a sibling squabble is being punished, your first reaction would be to separate them - but making them endure time-out side-by-side may be a more fitting punishment.

  • By your side
  • Instead of letting your child do the punishment on their own, keep them by your side and let them do a chore with you or some dirty work, that you know they don't enjoy.

  • A hug
  • A hard hug can serve as a quick time-out, especially if you are away from home. Wrap your arms around your child, hold on tight and count slowly to twenty.

  • The most convenient spot
  • When you are out or away from home, find a bench, a pavement or a quiet area and take your child there for a quick time-out. No fun, No conversation and No action until the time is served.

  • On your lap
  • This is a variation of the hug. You can put a smaller child on your lap, either facing you or facing away from you. Put your arms around your child, hold them tightly and count the time-out.

  • Eye contact
  • For a child that hates eye contact, twenty seconds of forced eye contact can much more effective than any other time-out.

  • No play-land
  • Instead of putting your child on a time-out spot, give them time-out from the electronic devices that they enjoy. This is a very effective method for older children. Remove items from your child such as, TV remotes, video game controls, computer mice, cell phones, ipods or favourite DVD's and CD's.

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