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Sensory integration disorder is still the most popular name for the neurological disability in which the brain is unable to accurately process information coming from the senses, it is also know as "dysfunction of sensory integration" or "sensory processing disorder".

Some children may be oversensitive to some sensations, overreact wildly to touch, movement or loss of balance.

On the other hand, some may be under sensitive to some sensations, they will need crashing, banging or sharp sounds and flavours to register anything.

In some cases, the child may suffer from both.

The five senses are mainly affected, particularly touch and hearing, but also taste, sight and smell.

If your child a severe case, he may not be able to tell where his body is in space or what position his body is in.

The children who suffer from this disorder may seem to be hyperactive, obsessive-compulsive or oppositional, when in fact they are just trying to compensate for the unreliable and unpredictable view of the world they have.

Therapy, performed by occupational therapist, can in some cases completely eliminate the problem, and in other cases teach the child how to cope with these problems in a less disruptive way.

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Sensory Integration Disorder

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The South Africa Institute for Sensory Integration.

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