Parents Evening If parents evening, the first one for the new school year, where you get to meet your child’s new teacher, walk through your child’s schedule and meet all the therapist's involved with your child, doesn't draw you in, you are not alone - fewer and fewer parents are making it a priority to go to any parents meetings through out the year.

But, there are actually a few good reason's why you should get yourself there; you get to spend uninterrupted, one-on-one meeting time with your child’s teacher, that's just one reason.

Here are a few more reasons why parent evening is, where you need to be:

  • You can walk in your child's shoes
  • You can see for yourself, where your child’s classroom is, how far away it may be from therapies or extra mural activities, or if they are in anyway difficult to get to - this way you can prepare your child and deal with any problems that may arise. You can then devise short cuts and strategies for transit.

  • You get to meet all the teachers and therapists, at once
  • You can meet all the teachers and therapists that will be involved in your child's education, in one evening. You can have a look at the classroom's and therapy centres, thereby saving yourself the time and effort to set up individual appointments.

  • It's your chance to stop problems before they arise
  • At parents evening you can get a well rounded picture of who will be working with your child. You can get an idea of some of the situations your child will be exposed to, and if they are going to cause any problems. This is your chance for these problems to be discussed, before your child goes back to school. Although parents evening id all about putting the best-food-forward, if you look hard enough, you can see where the cracks may be.

  • Promise's about your child’s education
  • Listen very carefully about the promises made to you , by your child's teacher. Be aware if they are promising to do what's appropriate for your child and not what's best...make a note in your contact log and follow this up with regular teacher-parent conferencing.

  • Get intouch with other mom's
  • It is unlikely that you will get a class list, with names and phone numbers, from your child’s school.The first parents meeting of the year, is your best chance to meet other parents, or meet up with parents you may already know. This is your chance to exchange contact numbers, and have people to stay in touch with who are in the same situation as what you are.

  • Exchange contact details with the teacher
  • Parent's evening is also your opportunity to exchange contact details with your child’s teacher. Give them your email address, and get theirs for easier communication. Don’t miss the opportunity to give and get that information.

  • School supplies on sale
  • Schools often sell things like gym clothes, school t-shirts, hats and other goodies at the first parents evening of the year. Take this opportunity to get the supplies that you need for your child, rather than having to go out and purchase them, or trusting your child to bring the order forms home, and getting the payment in the right hands.

New teachers and parents evening
You may be amazed at how few parents actually show up for this important first parents evening of the year.

This is a chance to show your child’s teachers how dedicatedyou are to your child’s education, and pick up a few allies along the way.

Building a good relationship with your child’s new teacher, early on in the new school year, will set the tone for a successful learning experience for you and your child.

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