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Schooling Options Parents with special needs children only want to do what's best, when desciding which schooling options to choose for their children.Desciding on how to school your child can be a very difficult descion to make.

If your child is receiving state assistance, your schooling options may already be clear.However, if your childs disability is not that apparent, like developmental disabilities as apposed to physical ones, it may be more difficult to decide where to school them.

There are several options for schooling a special needs child from public or private schooling to home schooling.

  • Public Schooling
  • Children with special needs, placed in the public schooling system often have an aide assisting them throughout the day, with school projects, eating and toileting needs. Most children often develop a very close relationship with these aids because they spend so much time with them.

    Many disabled children are also able to make friends with their classmates while others, depending on the degree of their disability, are unable to. On the odd occasion special needs children may be bullied or made fun of, but the majority of disabled children function at a normal level in the classroom and their classmates accept them as one of the crowed.

    Occasionally disabled children can feel hostile and angry towards their classmates because they are being made fun of. When disabled children become the object of ridicule on a regular basis, something must be done to help them. Parents need to be made aware of the situation either by the child, the aide or the teacher, and action needs to be taken to rectify this situation.

    If your child is really struggling to function in a public school, parents should consider private schooling or homeschooling.

  • Private Schooling
  • Private schools may have more to offer a special needs child than a public school can. Your child will be able to interact more easily with their peers and are better able to focus on their studies since everyone in the class is disabled. Your child will no longer be the “different” one in the class setting.

    You will, however, be paying premium to have your special needs child attending these schools, as the staff have been specially trained as remedial teachers.

    Children attending private schools are higher achievers because the teacher, child ratio is so much lower. Parents may be afraid of sending their children to a remedial school, because of the stigma attached, but the reality is, that many children find the support and acceptance they need in these schools.

  • Homeschooling
  • The third and final option, is home schooling. Caring for a disabled child can be very stressful, so you may find it easier to incorporate their schooling into your daily routine, easier.

    Tutors can be found that specialize in your Childs disability and their fee's are usually covered by your medical aid. You, as the parent can also play a big part in your child's education, by learning all there is to know about your Childs disability and joining a support group for parents who are home schooling their disabled children.

    The internet also offers alot of information to help educate your child and to help find the additional resources to make your teaching program a success. Your local remedial school should also be able to provide you with resources and contacts to assist you in this endeavour.

As a parent, you should examine all your options when making a decision about what the best schooling option is for your special needs child.
Your child will learn best when all their needs are being met.

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