Remedial teching What special educators need from us as parents of special needs children, is to work together as a unit, for the benefit of our child.

Keep in touch with your Childs teacher, and be a part of their life at school. This will ensure that your child will get the best education possible.

Here are some things that parents would like special educators to know:

  • Our goals are shared
    Special educators want the best for our children, and will work to maximise their achievements academically, socially and behaviourally.

    As parents, our child is our number one concern, but teachers have many children who are their concern. It may seem as if they don't always put your child first however they do what’s best for all the students under their direction and care.

    The home and school environments of all the children are different, and a special educator has many parents to form partnerships with, in order to best meet the needs of all the students with special needs.What special educators need most from parents in this instance, is understanding.

  • They want to make a difference
    special educators have chosen to work with special needs children to help your child move forward in her developement.They are patient and committed to achieving the goals set for your child.

    Our goals and parent and teacher, are the same, we have a firm belief to help your child reach independance and maximise learning opportunities. Special educators realise that we know our children best, and would appreciate to know about any concerns or suggestions we may have.

    Special educators have additional qualifications to be able to teach special needs kids, so talk to them and use the resources they have to offer.

  • Parent involvement
    Be involved in your child’s education, and you will see that they achieve better in terms of grades, student attitudes and behaviour.

    Be involved in education planning, problem solving, descion making and curriculum adjustments.

    Emotions can run high in a teacher/parent relationship, but try to remove these barriers, and work together with your child's special educator to unlock all your child's potential.

  • Self- confidence and self-esteem
    Special educators are well aware that special needs children suffer from a low self esteem. They will work harder to promote your child's self esteem and improve their confidence levels. This can however, not be achieved alone and they will need your support, and the support of the other people, such as therapists who are also working with your child.
  • Work together
    Special educators believe that it is important to work together with parents to achieve the goals that are in the best interest of your child. It is important for your routines to be the same to be the same, in order to provide your child with a consistent set of expectations focused on growth in academic, social and behavioural areas.

    It may not always be possible to talk to your child's special educator, but agenda's and communication or message books is a great way for daily communication. Use these tools and keep the two-way communications going, it is after all for your child's benefit.

  • Become informed
    As a special educator, your child's teacher will stay up to date with any new developments in their fields, and also the needs of her learners if they may change.

    We also need to stay informed about what is happening with special education in your area.

    You can get in touch with the education board, speak to the principle or head of department at your child's school or use the internet to stay updated on any new policies and procedures in special education. What special educators need is for parents to be supportive.

  • Communication
    Special educators cannot stress enough how important communication with them is. When you are preparing for a conversation with your child’s teacher, make a list of questions, concerns, thoughts and information you might have.

Remedial teaching Time is also a concern, and the more prepared we are for our meeting with the special educator, the quicker we can find solutions to the problems, and have a productive meeting. You may also like to get input from your child as well, and if they have any problems or queries they might not feel comfortable discussing with their teacher alone, this can also be addressed.

Remeber to focus on the issues, and discuss the concerns you have in a positive tone. More will be achieved this way, than with discord.

What special educators need here, is for parents to be involved.

The most important thing that special educators want you to know is that your goals for your special needs child, is shared!
They also want what is best and will work with you to help your child reach his full potential.

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